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Digital Character Sheets and Game Master resources for Tabletop RPG game play.

Beyond Legend Games is a fan made, web based virtual tabletop toolkit designed to help Players and Game Masters during their Role Play adventures. View more information about each of our VTTs, then create and account on either system to gain access to fully interactive character sheets, game management, and world building tools.

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Interactive Digital Character Sheets

You can build and track your character with these fully interactive digital character sheets. Your character sheet will synchronize with other devices, so you can easily switch mid-game. Virtual Dice rolls can be triggered in your character's sheet by clicking or tapping the Dice icon. The virtual dice rolls and any game-play changes are recorded in the GM session log. The digital character sheets are display adaptive making them elegantly viewable on any Desktop or Mobile device web browser. These sheets are perfect for in-person, remote, or hybrid game-play sessions.

The character sheets are developed specifically for the rule-set of the game system you choose, be it Avatar Legends powered by the Apocalypse, or Star Trek Adventures based on the 2d20 system.

GM Dashboard

The GM's role is unique, needing to hold the Player Characters (PCs) and any Non-Player Characters (NPCs) together while progressing the fiction of your story. The GM Dashboard keeps all reference material, PC and NPC tracking, initiating and resolving combat exchanges, as well as being able to add new skills and fighting techniques to the PCs all in one place. The NPC dashboard is divided into Enemies and Neutral/Allies. NPC stats are managed with the same status, fatigue, and conditions like the PCs. You can make and save your own custom NPCs using the World Builder Catalog; so you can quickly and easily add them to your campaign when needed. This powerful GM Dashboard will make running any game; be it with in-person, remote, or a hybrid session, simple and easy to manage. Create your Campaign, join your PCs, build your NPCs, and have Fun!

Go Green, Go Paperless

Beyond Legend Games is designed to be an "All-in-one" resource. To that end we have a Private Journal for note taking during your game play. We also included an inter-campaign message board. Players can post messages as themselves or their character. This message board can be used for session recaps so your party can references events or highlights during or outside the game sessions. The GM can also share files within the campaign, these can be anything from maps, to documents about in-game abilities or artifacts, to background audio tracks.
All these tools are available to limit the number of print-outs, notebooks, or any other physical items that could get lost or forgotten in the shuffle.

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Designed with Mobility in Mind

The Avatar Legends VTT toolkit is designed with mobility in mind. You never know when an impromptu game will break out; be it while you're out to eat with your friends, Maybe you only have access to your mobile phone when you play with your group, Or possibly your laptop battery died and there are no power outlets near by. For these reasons the site framework is designed to elegantly adapt to what ever sized device you happen to play from.