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Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game produced by Magpie Games. It is set in the world of the animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, and takes place in five different time periods; Kyoshi Era, Roku Era, The 100 Year War, Aang Era, and Korra Era. It sees players take the roles of martial artists, technological experts, or benders - people who can manipulate one of the four classical elements - who fight for balance in the world while also working towards their own goals and struggling with inner balance, represented by opposing ideals held by each character.

Beyond Legend Games is a fan made, web based virtual tabletop toolkit designed to help Players and Game Masters during their Role Play adventures. to gain access to fully interactive character sheets, game management, and world building tools.

The Legends of Avatar

Players create their own characters with the help of playbooks – templates based on archetypes of characters' life experiences. You'll choose between playing as benders, martial artists, or technological experts, all of which are available to any playbook. Led by a game master (GM), players role-play through the world building a unique story to every group as the player's choices and rolls of the dice shape an entirely unique story arc for each and every session. For more details please refer to the official Avatar Legends Core Book.

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A Game of Chance

Though most anything you set out to do in Avatar Legends you will most likely be able to accomplish, but life never goes smoothly. Some elements are left to random chance, the roll of the dice. In Avatar Legends your dice roll is considered a Success with Benefits, a Success with consequences, or a Miss which is not always a failure; but rather things did not go as you hoped or intended. With every roll of the dice the story builds and progresses.

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Interactive Digital Character Sheets

You can build and track your character with these fully interactive digital character sheets. Your character sheet will synchronize with other devices, so you can easily switch mid-game. Virtual Dice rolls can be triggered in your character's sheet by clicking or tapping the Dice icon, Stats name, or Stat name under the Conditions, Moves, or Combat Approach sections. The virtual dice rolls and any game-play changes are recorded in the GM session log. The digital character sheets are display adaptive making them elegantly viewable on any Desktop or Mobile device web browser. These sheets are perfect for in-person, remote, or hybrid game-play sessions.

By , you can create, store, and play an unlimited array of characters with these fully interactive and multi-platform adaptive Character Sheets. These sheets work great as a stand-alone editable sheet, however to take full advantage of your character sheets; have your GM create a campaign for more robust interactions.

Creating your Character

First thing is determining the Era of play. The playable Eras in Avatar Legends spans hundreds of years, with thousands of years of history. Your group should decide what time frame you will be playing in, and build a character appropriate for that Era of play. The Ten playbooks from the official Core Book release, are available for use in building your character. Additional playbooks from expansion content are included as they are released in official publications and can be unlocked for game play upon proper verification.

Pregenerated characters from unlocked Adventure Guides are also available to start your game quick and easy.

, to start creating your unlimited personal library of unique characters for all your Avatar Legends games.

GM Dashboard

The GM's role is unique, needing to hold the Player Characters (PCs) and any Non-Player Characters (NPCs) together while progressing the fiction of your story. The GM Dashboard keeps all reference material, PC and NPC tracking, initiating and resolving combat exchanges, as well as being able to add new skills and fighting techniques to the PCs all in one place. The NPC dashboard is divided into Enemies and Neutral/Allies. NPC stats are managed with the same status, fatigue, and conditions like the PCs. There are a number of NPC preloaded from the Core Book, Wan Shi Tong's Adventure Guide, and other Adventure Guides (once unlocked) plus you can make and save your own custom NPCs using the World Builder Catalog; so you can quickly and easily add them to your campaign when needed. This powerful GM Dashboard will make running any game; be it with in-person, remote, or a hybrid session, simple and easy to manage. Create your Campaign, join your PCs, build your NPCs, and have Fun!

World Builder Catalog

Has this ever happened to you? Your in the middle of your role play and suddenly a player asks ... "Where can I get some good grub around here?" only to realize you were so wrapped up in other story elements, you have no clue. It is true the GM's job is 90% improvisation 10% actual planning. Never the less, at some point it will happen to you.

Here you can create, view, and edit custom NPCs, build their personalities and backstories to make them feel more real during your game play. You can also build up the environment. Places to stay, places to shop, tourist attractions, goods, supplies, services, the whole works of a living breathing thriving growing world. This catalog will help you create, reference, and keep track of the little nuances of your Avatar World specific to your games and Players.

Go Green, Go Paperless

Beyond Legend Games is designed to be an "All-in-one" resource. To that end we have a Private Journal for note taking during your game play. We also included an inter-campaign message board. Players can post messages as themselves or their character. This message board can be used for session recaps so your party can references events or highlights during or outside the game sessions. The GM can also share files within the campaign, these can be anything from maps, to documents about in-game abilities or artifacts, to background audio tracks.
All these tools are available to limit the number of print-outs, notebooks, or any other physical items that could get lost or forgotten in the shuffle.

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Designed with Mobility in Mind

The Avatar Legends VTT toolkit is designed with mobility in mind. You never know when an impromptu game will break out; be it while you're out to eat with your friends, Maybe you only have access to your mobile phone when you play with your group, Or possibly your laptop battery died and there are no power outlets near by. For these reasons the site framework is designed to elegantly adapt to what ever sized device you happen to play from.

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